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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 13, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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jeopardize the investigation at this point. he said police do not believe this crime was domestic-related. >> we don't want to surmise that anything at this point. could it have been the homeowner was arriving home and somebody forced their way and proved we do not know any of that right now. >> neighbors told us they heard police activity in the area. >> there was a lot of air- traffic. i am not sure if it was a helicopter or what circling around at 3:00 in the morning. >> it is pretty scary. i don't know anything about it. >> in addition to searching the home, police tell us there was a search of the surrounding area in that neighborhood. we will have more at 6:00 tonight.
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>> baltimore county police are questioning a person who may be responsible for a deadly hit- and-run. we brought you decals last night at 5:00. it 61-year-old jessica jones was killed when she was struck by an suv. the identity of the person police are interviewing has not been released. >> police are looking into what they call a suspicious death at around 9:00 this morning. a man was found shot to death. his body was inside of a vehicle on lexington street. >> jury selection was interrupted today in a triple murder case the man is charged with the death of drowning three young children. something happened over the holiday weekend that rendered him to be unable to go to court. >> the judge described a rough weekend but the suspect is
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expected to be back in court tomorrow. mark castillo spend three sleepless nights in jail. according to officials, he had issues with his personal safety. he had no close to change into, had not obeyed, and all of his court-related materials had been removed from his jail cell. he has threatened suicide in the past and preventive measures were taken. his case file contains a september 5, 2008, letter to the clerk of court. he claims sick call forms were not made available. he was not allowed to brush his teeth for three months. he said he suffered a back injury he writes he wants to be given the right medications and dosages for mental health
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issues. he distracted the boys by letting them play the video game and then drowned her daughter. he repeated the process with the boys until the children were tucked into bed. he attempted to o.d. with painkillers. most recently, jury selection was interrupted because of mark castillo not being able to attend court. the judge also must decide upon a motion by mark castillo himself, that he is not criminally responsible for his actions. the judge asked for a status report by the end of this day. jury selection is expected to
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resume tomorrow. two have been excused from the jury pool. >> send it sang for the man involved in a kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault at a light rail stop. brian scott was sentenced to 40 years in prison. scott could be eligible for parole in 20 years. another man, 23-year-old kiheem taylor was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. >> a 10th person has died from h1n1 swine flu-related complications. the victim is an adult in western maryland who had serious underlying health conditions. we have an number of resources at about the swine flu on our website. there is a link under hot
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topics. >> a senate finance committee approved a moderate plan. democrats call it a bipartisan primarily because one senate republican voted in favor of the plan. steve handelsman has more from washington. >> as the senate finance committee got set to vote, olympia snowe was in the hot seat. the only republican that might vote yes, but would she? >> skyrocketing health-care costs have driven up premiums. having the potential to send our health-care system in a death spiral. is it all it can be? no. but when history calls, history calls. >> president obama thank the republican. >> senators now has banned --
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senator snowe has been diligent. >> under the bill, all americans must buy insurance. >> there is no coverage for those who are here illegally. there are none of the rumored that panels. >> but there is no public option, no guarantee of universal coverage. >> leaving 16 million men and women and children uninsured it is wrong. >> conservatives are upset about the cost. >> spending more and taxing more without covering more. >> this will cause premium increases as early as 2010. >> next comes more compromise, five bills of being boiled down into one. democratic leaders hope that the olympia snowe voting yes the day might have a ripple effect coult.
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>> we had a nice day today with plenty of sunshine. the front still getting finally through. the winds picked up out of the northwest. we will see clear skies tonight. it is going to be chilly tonight. you can check out those temperatures. the movement of the satellite imagery, wheat are still at 68 degrees here in baltimore. there are actually freeze and frost warnings about the maryland tonight. a cold rain forecast for the week, coming up and a little bit. >> you might have seen a huge pink flamingo outside of cafe
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hon, but now there is a battle over the big bird. john sherman joins us live with that story. >> the plank flamenco over cafe hon has been an icon, but all of the sudden, the city says they need a permit. it might not be a textbook definition of classy, but no one here cares. >> i like it. >> i think it is ridiculous. >> i would not like to dress as a queen either, but i love it. >> a letter came to denise whiting that said that bird it needs a permit. >> it is another piece of what she'd is probably going to have coming to her, somebody from
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the building department to make sure if it is positioned the way it needs to be positioned and not a threat to the public. >> when you look at the pink flamingo, it has become a hallmark of baltimore. >> it has been up for seven years. >> it has been up about six or seven years and apparently no one noticed until now. i am not sure why. all of the sudden, they are hot on the flamingo tail. that bird is not flying away, hon. >> many people, the city says, complained. >> the section is pretty much permit-driven so they are getting some complaints. the flamenco is hanging in the public. in order to have the something hanging in the public, you need to have a permit.
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>> if they want to mess with us, i am going to be massing right back. >> just how much does it a permit for like that cost? the city once $800 a year. >> wow, that it is a lot for a big pink flamingo. up next, a recall for millions of vehicles. >> get ready now for the holiday shopping crunch. learn how the season of giving can also be that season of the same thing. >> as the swine flu virus spreads, the doctors and clinics get the first doses of the vaccine. the >> the fight over cancer could be going to the dogs. >> what maryland is doing to help students becoming more of
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>> the magna corp. is pushing ahead with plans to auction off the preakness. magna corp. wants to auction off the properties but promises not to move the preakness out of the state of maryland.
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lawmakers passed a bill this year that would allow the government sees the preakness if the buyer tried to move the property elsewhere. the bankruptcy judge could rule on the auction request as soon as tomorrow. >> the largest analysis of hospitalized adults h1n1 flu patients have found that almost half of them were healthy people that did not have any chronic illnesses before they got sick. those results were released today. doctors and clinics are now getting their first doses of the vaccine. kristen dahlgren has the latest. >> at a hospital this week, a concerned mother worries her daughter might have h1n1. >> she has been throwing up all night. she is getting worse. >> outside st. louis, a school
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district has been completely shut down after almost a quarter of students called in sick on monday. >> once you dismiss the students, you do it for five to seven days, get everything disinfected. >> cdc officials report five more pediatric the deaths from the h1n1. worries over the swine flu are spreading, almost as quickly as the virus. officials say h1n1 has now reached epidemic levels in the u.s. 45% of adults hospitalized with the virus have no underlying conditions. the >> i think it is sobering that some totally healthy people suffer this very rapid deterioration from the h1n1. that is not the usual presentation but it can happen. as this strange spreads, the number of people suffering has
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been increasing. >> the vaccine will still go to at risk groups first. the first shots should be arriving now and could be widely distributed by the end of the month. anyone with severe symptoms is being encouraged to see a doctor right away. >> your risk of developing type 2 diabetes could be affected by where you live. researchers found that people living in what they called healthy neighborhoods had a lower risk of diabetes. those giving residents close access to healthy foods were considered healthy neighborhoods. glucose levels were monitored living in three different types of neighborhoods. cancer researchers say studying the disease in pet dogs could help them find new treatment for human patients.
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an estimated 1 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer each year. they are often treated just like humans. researchers say studying new treatments in dogs could give insight on how to treat humans because the diseases are similar. could staying active as a child lower your risk for brain cancer as an adult? men and women followed in the early years -- the study also found those that were obese during childhood or more likely to develop the cancer. the study found participants who were taller had doubled the risk of a disease. >> now, your 11 insta-weather
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plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> i hope you had a chance to go out and enjoy the weather today because things are only going to deteriorate in the form of colder and wetter weather. we are going to see a clearing trend. temperatures are going to drop tonight in the upper 30's in the outlying areas. i want to point out this massive moisture that is percolating in the deep south heading up into parts of kentucky and indiana. that is going to give us a good chance of some showers may be into tomorrow evening. certainly some clouds are around. they are starting to filter in. partly cloudy skies tonight. that will be building throughout the day tomorrow. a much cooler day than we experienced to date. we are sitting at 66 degrees now
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in the downtown area. 65 at the airport. much cooler air and oakland. garrett county is under a freeze warning tonight. it is close to us. we are under a frost advisory. we could see some upper 30's. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. the wins will be somewhat blustery. 38 to 43, the overnight temperature range, which puts us below normal. a high-pressure area over the great lakes. in north of the flow will be streaming in throughout the week. -- a northerly flow will be streaming in throughout the week. rain is now well to our south west. tomorrow will be a transition between systems. morning sunshine with clouds
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building throughout the afternoon. 51 to 55, below the normal high of 68. check out thursday. this is when it gets ugly. what is going to happen is that the load is going to be merged off of the carolinas. it is going to bring moisture. we have this cold northerly flow calling in from the north. the combination of the two means cold rain as we wrap up the week. here is how the futurecast clouds building in tomorrow, maybe a late day showers. massive moisture infiltrating the area on thursday as colder air continues to funnel down from the great lakes region. a lot of activity on friday will be to the south. another burst of showers. how old are we talking? upper 40's. 49 degrees is the high.
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thursday through saturday, 50 on sunday. we finally get back up to a more reasonable level on monday with a high of 57 and some sunshine. >> an elementary school principal had some explaining to do. why dozens of students were sent home early. >> you can save money on your heating bill and get a tax break. >> there are 13 to 14,000 missing children in maryland every year, but now there are new tools to help find them. >> maryland is promoting disability awareness in public schools. coming up, i will tell you are . and that's how verizon fios works.
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and unlimited nationwide calling for just $79.99 a month, with an incredible $150 back. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is fios. this is big. >> oprah winfrey featured missing children from across the country. one of them is here from baltimore. >> lisa lambert has been missing without a trace for 30 years. kim cayce has the story. >> lisa lambert was 14-years old when she vanished on october 17, 1979. her mother marlene chestnut said
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the lilisa called home that nig. that is the last anybody ever heard from her. >> i had a child that i had to see about. i guess it was one of those things that you just dig in and say someday, somehow, someway, you are going to hear something. >> 30 years later, she is still waiting. lis wasa labeled a run away by police. she served on her own but never got really far. >> the state created a center specifically for missing and unidentified people. >> we were set out to assist families in maryland and help them locate their missing loved ones. law enforcement is required to report every missing juvenile to
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us. >> there is a hot line that people can call. in the last year, there is a new web site,, that allows anyone to enter missing information about the person. families can search for a match from kurdish -- from jurisdictions across the country. >> i am glad it was created because maybe somebody else would not have to go through what i had to go through. if anybody out there has any information, know where she is, or think you know, called the missing and exploited and tells them. >> for more information, visit our web site. >> impossible to imagine having a child missing for 30 years. up next, an old form of
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discipline has two adults in trouble. it has landed them in jail. >> the controversy over rush limbaugh potentially owning an nfl team is growing. >> consumers' willingness to spend money this holiday season looks kind of grim. new at 5:30, you can spend
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>> maryland is on a mission to help more students appreciate and understand people living with disabilities. education reporter tim tooten
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has that story. >> there are more than 100,000 students living in maryland with disabilities but the numbers may be higher. this month, state officials are making the rounds, promoting awareness by way of education. the state's -- the head of state's disability spoke today. at her side was the state school superintendent. it was a tag team approach to help more students become more aware of classmates living with disabilities. >> a lot of disabilities are visible disabilities, things that you can see, and a lot are hidden. i think people living with disabilities have been the brunt of a lot of teasing and harassment within the school system. they have been the victim of low
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expectations in our society as a whole get some of them -- yet many of them are quite accomplished individuals. >> i think it is important for all of us to be aware of it to make sure we are not doing something wrong. >> i am going to look at them differently. i am going to know that they have a lot of power in society. they can still do and a lot of important things and are still people. they are not different from any of us. >> that is what the superintendent is counting on. >> people with disabilities are not people with and abilities. there are people who have huge abilities and we can't afford to discriminate against these people and not really benefit from what they have to contribute. >> the secretary of disabilities says this was her first but not
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her last stop to educate children across the state. >> there are a number of other activities planned across the state for this month. >> here is a look and some of our other top stories. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly shooting. a man was found shot to death inside of a home. police said they got a call at around 3:30 this morning from a family member in the home that found the man. anne arundel county police are looking for two suspects, wanted for robbing a soda pop shop in glen burnie. the two jumped over the counter holding a handgun. they forced the clerk to open the registers and then took off with cash. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers.
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your driver's license could soon be under scrutiny. the fbi is scanning licenses using face recognition technology to search for criminals. the american civil liberties union says this exposes everybody to a virtual lineup. the fbi is reviewing its procedures to ensure people's privacy. >> he might have predicted some strong reactions to the idea of rush limbaugh becoming part owner of the st. louis rams. there has been after he announced his intentions to bid on the minority stake of the franchise. many players said they will not -- say they would not play for rush limbaugh. >> professional football can be a rough business, something conservative radio host rush limbaugh is finding out first hand. >> barack obama has the inside
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track on becoming the worst president in the nation's history. >> there is now a strong defense taking the field to oppose his bid to become a part owner of the st. louis rams. an e-mail has been sent to every member, urging them to oppose the purchase. players have already said publicly they would never play for a rush limbaugh-boned team. -- a rush limbaugh-owned team. >> race never comes into it. as soon as rush limbaugh comes into it, race is going to be on the top of that. >> are you a racist? >> no. >> are you a homophobic? >> no. >> but critics point to these comments, forcing him to step
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down from his role as a sports analyst. >> the media has been very desirous of a black quarterback doing well. >> nfl rules prohibit him from discussing the purchase in any detail. this week, he could not avoid the topic or the latest rush against his desire to own a part of an nfl team. >> it is designed to affect the outcome all -- the outcome of all of this. >> even his opponents will have plenty to said. the owner of the indianapolis colts said today he "can't even think of voting for an ownership group that includes a rush limbaugh." >> bob senior it used to be the owner of the colts and then move
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them to indianapolis. up next, an arrest after 19 years of a cold case. >> the details as we cover the nation. >> juvenile officials face new questions about gps tracking following our i-team investigation. >> powerball is coming to maryland .
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>> a florida teenager was severely burned after he was set on fire allegedly by a group of teenagers. someone threw robbing and alcohol on a 15-year old and then set him on fire. ikeep received burns to about 7% of his body. he is now in a medically-induced coma. >> the man that kidnap, rape, and left an 18 -- and left an eight-year old for dead is finally behind bars. he was arrested this morning near little rock. new dna technology led police to
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the suspect. >> throughout this journey, i have had two goals. to find the man that kidnapped and attempted to murder me 19 years ago so he could not heard anyone else, and to use my voice in telling my story to as many people as i possibly could over the years in hopes that i might encourage other victims of violent crime to stand up and speak out against criminals. >> bradford it is charged with attempted capital murder. >> is watching a child's mouth out with soap child abuse? a florida couple is facing charges for doing just that. a girl had an allergic reaction and was taken to the hospital.
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police arrested her mother and her boyfriend and charged them with child neglect and abuse. >> an elementary school principal in detroit has some explaining to do. school officials want to know why students were sent home early. apparently there were not enough teachers because three of them were laid off. the school district now wants to talk to the principal about her decision. >> still to come, the government is telling the airlines to clean up their act. >> michael jackson's estate is calling it an honest mistake. >> clear and chilly conditions and expected tonight. check out hd doppler. more on that coming up.
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right now, it is 65 degrees at the airport, 68 degrees at the .
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 6:00. officials answer tough questions about gps tracking of juveniles after an extensive i-team investigation. a man was found shot to death at a home in an upscale neighborhood. tonight, reaction from neighbors and the latest on the investiga.
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>> michael jackson's new song debuted yesterday, but the song
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was co-written. the jackson estate calls it an honest mistake. >> ♪ >> it might be and jack mudd -- it might be michael jackson's newest song, but it turns out the new song is not entirely new. a latin singer recorded the same song 18 years ago when it was known as open codei never heard ." the singer-songwriter told tmz that he and michael jackson co- written -- co-wrote a song. >> i am getting 50 percent of
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the whole project, which is fair. >> observers doubt that the two versions will do anything to diminish the appetite among fans. >> this is a new performance. the versions of the song are pretty different. >> "this is it" will be released in conjunction with the film of the same name. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with sandra shaw. >> we talked about today in the upper 60's. things of looking pretty good, plenty of sunshine. clearing skies and even more so tonight, which will allow the temperatures to plunge tonight. the upper 30's in our outlying suburbs is possible. low 40's downtown.
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parts of kentucky and close to indianapolis, and that is a mass of moisture that will be entering our weather as the week progresses. an increase in the cloud cover and a drop in temperatures will start tonight and last through tomorrow. it is still much out there. 65 at bwi marshall. in oakland, there is a freeze warning in effect for garrett county tonight. there is a frost advisory in washington county. we are not involved but it is indicative of a much colder air mass funnelling down from the great lakes. overnight tonight, a nice night, pretty, but a little chilly. upper 30's to low 40's. high pressure to the north will continue over the next couple of
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days. it will give us a nice northerly flow. that is the air that is going to filter into our area. we are still getting the remnants of a front here. we are going to see the clearing conditions overnight tonight. tomorrow, an increase in the cloud cover mainly in the afternoon, probably a decent sunrise. much cooler than where we should become a 51 to 55 degrees. the normal for this time of year is in the upper 60's. we are not going to get rid of the cold air. high pressure still to the north. the areas of low pressure are going to develop, the first of which will emerge off of the coast thursday into friday and developed into a coastal low as this thing goes up the coast into the weekend. for us, it means an immense
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amount of cold rain, one to 2 inches possible and very chilly conditions. in the meantime, a slight chance for some showers tomorrow evening. the clouds are going to stay with us. the rain is not going anywhere quickly. a lot of it will stay to the south on friday but then it reemerge friday night and into saturday as well. tomorrow, 53 with an increase in clouds. only 49 for thursday, friday, and saturday with a good chance of showers each of those days. monday, sunshine again. >> ford it is adding another 4.5 million vehicles to the list of those recalled because of a cruise control switch that could cause a fire.
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all vehicles included are from the 1992 to 2003 model years. this is their seventh recall now due to the cruise control problem. if you are looking to take advantage of some big government tax breaks, your time is running out. a tax break for retirees who contribute to their favorite charities runs out on new year's eve. the first-time home buyers credits for a home purchase runs out december 1. those expiration dates are firm unless congress extends the measures. the government is offering an incentive if you use energy- efficient home improvements. up to $1,500 is available until the end of the year if you buy
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certain energy efficient products. to see all of the products eligible for a tax credit, log on to our web site and click on the consumer. while some economists suggest the worst is over, projected holiday sales are looking pretty grim. despite signs of economic improvement, continued job losses continued to plague the american consumer. cnbc's personal finance expert reports on how this season could be the season of saving. >> with stores presenting 100 low-cost toy options, it is a good time to get ahead of the game like they are and plan your holiday spending. set up a budget that fits your budget. if it helps, have the funds
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deducted from your checking account into a savings or money market account for the next couple of months. be careful with your credit card. you can end up paying more than you think. make sure you stay within your limits because many kurds have raised fees know that many credit-card companies have been regularly raising rates so the ones that you enjoyed last holiday season or even last month will not be a around. borrowing is pricier than ever. the initial discount for sotre cards just is not worth it. >> in the push and pull of flying costs, the department of transportation is offering a warning to airlines that they will be punished if they do not
5:52 pm
compensate passengers whose bags are lost or delayed. it says some airlines recently reimbursed passengers only for necessities purchased 24 hours after arrival with no luggage. >> for more on the lost baggage law, log on to our web site and click on consumer. also, the children have reached a settlement over an estate. the president of johns hopkins university has undergone surgery to remove a small mass near his pancreas. will the ravens and their two- game skid? >> still ahead, juvenile officials are answering some tough questions. >> lawmakers want to know more about gps tracking devices >.
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>> th
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>> we said it was not official, but tonight, it is. a new lottery game will soon be coming to maryland. rob roblin has details. >> america's favorite jackpot game. tonight's estimated jackpot is $20 million. >> powerball is coming to
5:56 pm
maryland. the game is played in 30 states, d.c., and the virgin islands. >> negotiations have been going on for many months. i always felt that players should be given a choice. we think it only enhances our offerings. it is not that players will stop playing one game and play the other, now they have the opportunity to play both. >> the game means big money for the state of maryland. >> i am thinking about $50 million or more in sales. that is back to the state. that is a healthy amount of new revenue. whenever we can do to help out that situation, we are happy to do it. >> the state of maryland has been in negotiations for months to get their game and it gives players another chance to win a big jackpot.
5:57 pm
>> when powerball has a big jackpot, people from maryland may go over to d.c. or west virginia, and vice versa. now we will keep our players in our state. >> you will be able to play powerball in maryland in four to six months. >> that is all for us at 5:00. if you missed any of this newscast, we will rebroadcast it for you. here is a look at what is coming up new at 6:00. >> a man found shot to death in his home we have late breaking details. >> legislators express' new doubts about a gps tracking of juvenile. >> the man charged with drowning his three children has a rough weekend in jail and is declared ill-prepared for court today.
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>> [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00. >> detectives are piecing together clues after a deadly shooting at a home in baltimore county. >> police got a call early this morning that a man had been shot. 11 news reporter kate amara is following the investigation. >> baltimore county police have just released the identity of the victim. police say the 911 call for the murder came at 3:30 this morning from a family member who was not home at that time of the shooting. after a man was found murdered early tuesday morning, 10,201 address was surrounded by police
5:59 pm
tape. as neighbors reacted to the news, many called it shocking. >> it is pretty scary. i do not know anything about it at this point. >> early in the morning, there was a lot of air traffic. i am not sure if it was a helicopter or what. >> those helicopters were part of the investigation. a police spokesman said officers conducted a thorough search of the home and the surrounding area. >> they are going out canvassing those grounds in the area because it is a large area. >> releasing the victim's name or other details of the case would jeopardize the investigation at this point, but he did say police do not believe this crime was domestic-related. >> we don't want to surmise >> we don't want to surmise


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